Speak Your Sh*t!

Hi everyone,
The Queer Committee is excited to put out tickets for their event, Speak Your Sh*t. This will be an exhibition centred around self-expression talking about themes such as inner conflicts, identity, love and body image. We’re pleased to say that we have a lot of submissions and that we will be able to make a nice collection out of them. The event will be held at Bar Bario, which is a bar that aims to be a LGBTQ+ and POC friendly place. Apart from the exhibition, we will have some games and a few rounds of speed dating. Everyone will also get a free beer! We really hope to see you there :)
We are proud to announce that this event will be in collaboration with HeForShe X UvA: https://www.instagram.com/heforshexuva/
WHAT: Exhibition centred around self-expression
WHERE: Bar Bario, Bilderdijkstraat
WHEN: June 22nd, 20.00-12.00

VSPA Voluntinder

A Volunteer matching fair where students from the UvA get a chance to meet and interact with various NGOs from all around Amsterdam. Students can get a chance to introduce themselves to the beautiful world of volunteering opportunities by meeting representatives from various NGOs and learning about their work and projects. The organizations offer a wide variety of volunteering opportunities ranging from one day to several weeks, all working in various fields such as theatre, food, education, elder care and more!

Day:  21/06/2022

Hour: 17:00-19:00

Where: REC ABC Enterance Hall

Price: FREE

VSPA Party: Summer of Love

Ticket Link: https://vspa.nl/product/vspa-party-summer-of-love/

After the great success of the first VSPA PARTY, we can’t wait to present you the SECOND BIG VSPA SUMMER PARTY!! Tickets will be limited again and the previous party was completely sold out!!????
 So tell your friends, get your loved ones and join the VSPA Summer of Love Party now! EARLY BIRD TICKETS are in sale NOW! ????
❓What? VSPA Party Summer of Love
⏰When? 16th of June, from 21:00h. Doors will close at 23:00h
????Where? Bitterzoet, Amsterdam
????Dresscode? 60s, 70s, Hippie
Early-bird €5.49
Late-bird €6.99
Non-members: €8.00
Doorsale: €9.00
Lecture Poster

Lecture: How not to get f*cked in porn

Ticket Link: https://vspa.nl/product/how-not-to-get-fcked-in-porn/

Name: How not to get f*cked in porn
Location: REC C1.03
Date & Time: 20.06.2022 / 15:00-17:00

Izzy (the lecturer) has more than 10 years of experience in a company that produces ethical adult media. She started as a videographer and worked her way up to the managing director. Now, as an independent educator and speaker, she is using her experience to educate and raise awareness about ethics and intimacy. She created the RedCheeks podcast, where she talks with interesting people about intimacy and she just launched RedCheeks Academy with a workshop where she teaches people how to produce ethical adult media.
She doesn’t promote or advocate for porn. There’s a lot that can be said about the bad side of this industry, but thanks to her experience, she can provide a different perspective.

The topics that will be covered in the lecture:
– Her experience in the adult media industry
– Rising the standard of consent in pornographic production
– What is the ethical production of intimate scenes
– Missing “ingredient” in the porn industry
– What can we learn from the adult media industry and performers
– Porn literacy – how to understand the message porn conveys


This GMA we will talk go through the Half Year Results of the Board, a change in our Charter, and a motion proposed by some of our members. All very important points for the VSPA! If you would like to learn more about the board and the charter of the VSPA, you do not want to miss out on this GMA! Additionally, there will be free dinner cooked by the support committee, free beers and a borrel after ???????? If you wanna enjoy delicious noodles ???? and a fresh beer ???? come join us on the 17th of May 17:00-20:00 in Roeterseiland campus REC A1.02 .

Excursion: Plant Your Growth

The excursion committee invites you all to our LAST excursion of the year! We will visit MijnStadstuin and get a tour as well as take part in a workshop!!!(surprise) Be amazed by nature and its effect on us!

On the 16th of May we start at 5pm! Tickets are available now! For only 8,80€!!! Don’t miss out on this one, we’d love to see you very soon. You can buy your ticket through the website, app, or the link in our story

FAB: Bierfest

This time, our FAB will be on Thursday, hence a Thursday Afternoon Borrel!

At this borrel, you will be able to socialize both with your fellow students and all the faculty staff. This is the time to chat with your favorite teachers and get to know them a bit better!

The theme of the borrel will be BierFest, so come by to get a delicious cold beer!

There also will be softdrinks, wine and hotdogs!

So, see you on the 12th of May (17:00-20:00), outside of the G-building entrance!

Apocalypse as a Coping Mechanism

How to deal with the end? It’s a truism that there’s just one thing in life that we’re sure of: death. Still, we prefer to indulge ourselves in feeling things will last forever. This becomes increasingly difficult in these times of (ecological) crisis. Fears about our own end mix with fears about the collapse of civilization – how long will we be able to hold on to the world as we know it? And should we? What is this attachment to a world that, our dreams of “sustainability” notwithstanding, just cannot last?
Date & Hour: 11th May, 16.00-17.30 o’clock

Ticket Link: https://vspa.nl/en/product/apocalypse-as-a-coping-mechanism/

Prom: Under the Stars


Location: Amstelzaal

Date: Friday May 13th 2022, 20:00-02:00

Theme: Starry Night

Looking for a good time under the stars? What about with the addition of an Open Bar? It’s time to find an outfit that shines brighter than ever for the VSPA Prom 2022!

We’re gonna party the night away… will you join us for this Starry Night? Entrees are from 20:00-22:00. For an open bar ticket you’ll receive 7x €3,50 worth of drinks. Be quick to get this deal ;). There are small lockers and a wardrobe room at the venue. The lockers take €1,- coins.

Free Will – So You Think You Can Choose

Link to tickets: https://vspa.nl/product/free-will-so-you-think-you-can-choose/

Do you think that we are really free to choose our actions? Or is there something that inevitably determines them?

If you ever asked yourself these questions, the annual VSPA conference “Free will: so you think you can choose?” is here to tease your brain!

Our excellent speakers will offer you answers to these questions and to many more, such as:

– Is free will an illusion when we look at human neurophysiology?

– Should we hold criminals accountable in court if their free will is compromised by biological changes?

– Does advising, persuading, blaming and praising even have a point if we deny free will?

Interested in knowing more? Check the details below!

When? 14th April 2022, from 15:00 to 20:30

Where? Lecture hall A1, Building A, Roeterseiland Campus

Bonus: You will gain 2 colloquium points!


2 colloquium points will be awarded for attendance to all three lectures.

1 colloquium point will be awarded for attendance to only one or two lectures.

Attendance will be registered through a form at the end of each lecture.


You are welcome to take part in only one or two lectures, however, the ticket price for the event will remain the same. The number of colloquium points awarded will also differ based on the number of lectures you plan to attend (see above).

Plan of the day 

15.15 – 17:00

Dr. Emilie Caspar, Ghent University.

How Can Humans Commit Atrocities When They Follow Orders? A Social Neuroscience Perspective of the Obedient Brain.


In this talk, I will explore the question of how humans can commit atrocities when they follow orders. I will present recent studies in social and cognitive neurosciences, which showed how obeying orders impacts the sense of agency and empathy for pain. We will also review some studies involving military staff and inmates to understand how working or living in an environment that reduces personal autonomy impacts the sense of agency, even when one is free to decide which actions to execute.

17.15 – 19.15

Mr. dr. Johannes Bijlsma, Utrecht University.

Free will and the insanity defense in criminal law: the Bart van U.-case

Criminal responsibility presumably requires that an offender acted out of his/her free will. We do not want to punish offenders who could not have acted otherwise. It is assumed that in certain cases a mental disorder causes an offender to commit an offence not out of free will. In such a case, a defendant is acquitted by reason of insanity. In the (in)famous Dutch criminal case against Bart van U. – who killed a former health minister and his own sister while he was psychotic – the question of the criminal responsibility of the offender was at stake. Using this case as an illustration, the relation between the insanity defense and freedom of the will will be explored. Is freedom of the will in fact a requirement for criminal responsibility? Is it because a lack of freedom to act otherwise that we do not hold certain mentally ill offenders responsible, or is it because of other reasons? Can a philosophically contested issue like freedom of the will provide a guideline for a judge to assess criminal responsibilty? Are forensic mental health experts able to “measure” the degree of free will with which a mentally ill offender acted?”

19.30 – 20.30

Dr. Sebo Uithol, Leiden University.

Free will and where our actions come from

The question of free will is an ancient one, and the answer options are well-known: determinism, libertarianism, and compatibilism. Yet, the first seems undesirable, the second unlikely, and the third problematic. The problem is our intuitions about where our actions come from. In this talk I will discuss theoretical and empirical work that shows that our folk psychological model in which intentions cause actions is unlikely to hold on the level of neural processes. Rather, our action decisions emerge from a causal web that spans multiple brain regions, and even includes the body and the environment. Appreciating the distributed and dynamic origins of action decisions may push us towards a form of compatibilism.