The Committees

What is a Committee

A committee is, in essence, a group of students who come together to organise the events for all our VSPA members. Keep reading to find out more information on all the different committees you can join!

Study Active Certificate

If you join a committee you earn 5 active points, and with 15 points you get a Study Active Certificate – a proof that you have participated in extracurricular activities. This is signed by the Dean of the University (Looks great on your CV!)

Committee Positions and Masterclasses 

Most committees have a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Head of Promotion, Head of Sales and Acquisition and General Member(s).

  • Chair: The manager, the one who keeps an overview, sets each meetings’ agendas, and motivates others.
  • Secretary: Makes detailed notes of the meetings, keeps track of the email, books rooms.
  • Treasurer: Makes the budget plans and organises the finance.
  • Head of Promo: Makes the Promotion plans, as well as designs the posts/stories/posters/etc.
  • Head of Sales & Acquisition: Emails companies for deals, finds people to attend their event, finds venues, etc.
  • General Member: In charge of helping out everywhere, face-to-face promotion and sending emails for the head of sales and acquisition.

The VSPA is open to anyone, which is why we will offer Masterclasses on each position so you have a better idea of how your position works. Of course, these roles are flexible and it’s up to you and your team how you divide tasks. The masterclasses will be offered on the 31st October and 1st November.


his is a very fun committee as well as one of the most creative ones. The possibilities of what events you can do are endless. The only criteria are that one event needs to be sports-related (like the Salsa Class with Salsa snacks made last year). The other can be anything: a boat tour with a charcuterie competition or a cocktail workshop. Apply now! Send your motivation to

Organise a camping trip which involves hitchhiking to a location that you will reveal on the day. All members will travel in groups of three and the ones that get there in the most creative/impressive way wins a prize. It sounds like quite the challenge; however, last year proved the hitchhiking to be very doable, fun, and wholesome. If you join this committee, you also get to organise fun challenges and activities to do at the camping site. Apply now and send your motivation to

Are you a party person or fancy yourself some free drinks? Join the new and improved Bar and Party committee. You will organise 4 small borrels where you can think of fun activities as well as spend some budget on an open bar. Aside from these borrels, you will also have one big fun party. The organisation of the party is entirely up to you. You get to pick the theme, the music, the venue, and so forth. Get creative and sign up for the Bar and Party committee by sending your motivation to!

This committee starts in May and lets you organise a trip to a city somewhere in Europe. member youY get to decide the destination. You also get to think of fun activities and places to visit while on your trip. The trip will take place somewhere after the summer break in 2024, which makes it perfect to join if you’re busy in the beginning of this year. Keep this committee in mind and send your motivation to in May 2024.

The annual Prom is a night to look forward to and, trust us, one you’ll remember for years, if not decades. It is the one occasion to scour your wardrobe for a gorgeous, formal outfit for, in order to look just as stunning as other fellow members. A reception with an afterparty is usually an integral part of this event. This year the Prom will be even more special than usually, as the previous VSPA Board will come together to organise it!

Are you an LGBTQIA+ member or ally? Join the queer committee and find creative ways to support queer people in the VSPA. By joining this committee, you get to run an Instagram page and will be there to tell people news, topics, important topics, and raise awareness. You also get to organise an event with a different committee, for example a queer party made with the party committee or a queer lecture with the lecture committee. You get to choose and–if the committee agrees–you get to work with them on the event. Send your motivation to

Do you want to organise an art exhibition or a talent show? The Showcase is an amazing event in which members get to perform in front of a big audience. The event will be held at Mezrab and you get to organise the evening and manage the submissions. And participate if you will! The jury votes yes. You are the jury! Send your motivation to

The VSPA Ski Trip is organised every year and is one of the biggest and craziest events! Both members who are ski and snowboard experts and members who have never even seen slopes join this event! During this week we won’t only ski, but there are several activities the committee will organise like a snowball fight, movie night, and of course the Après Ski in the best local bars. Don’t feel like organising a ski trip while it only just turned Autumn? This committee starts in May and will organise the Ski Trip for the next academic year, so you have all the time to think about joining!

Study Related

Would you like to be involved in the organisation of one of the biggest VSPA’s study related events? Then the Career Day committee might be for you! This event is a one-day event focused on students’ career after finishing their studies. As a committee member, you will be involved in finding several speakers as well as professionals to host workshop that focus on developing students’ professional skills. Interested in joining this committee? Send your motivation to!

The Conference Committee organises a yearly conference. You get to reach out to lecturers and speakers that are experts in fields you may have interest in–such as AI or Neuroscience. This year, we would like to raise more awareness on the depression pandemic in universities; however, this is up to you. You also prepare the day at a big conference hall at CREA by taking care of snacks and coffee. Expand your knowledge and learn how to reach out to experts! Write your motivation to!

Every year, the VSPA organises several lectures on interesting psychology-related topics. These lectures are actually some of the most attended events. Members of the lecture committee are in charge of finding interesting potential speakers, contacting them, and finally are all of the technicalities that come with organising a lecture. This year, most of our lectures will revolve around the topic of mental health and mental illness. Would you like to help organise them? Send your motivation to

Would you like to help organise a trip to city filled with culture with your friends and fellow members? Then the Study Trip Committee is your pick! Every year, the VSPA chooses one academically significant destination to organise a week-long trip to. Have the student experience of the chosen destination by interacting with students, sightseeing, organising cultural activities and more! By joining the Study Trip committee, you will be neck deep in the organisation of this exciting journey! Send your motivation letter and mention your experience to

If you are passionate about volunteering and would like to reach out to volunteering opportunities in the Netherlands and organise one event with them and our members during the year, the volunteering committee is for you! This year, the committee organises the third VolunTinder, while also taking note of external volunteering opportunities, making contact with us, and transmitting all this information to our members. Send your motivation to

Well-Being committee is here to spread more awareness on mental health among members. It organizes events that strive to imrove the well-being of people and provide them with methods and resources regarding mental health that members might need. Find creative ways to support the well-being of those around you! To join the committee send your motivation to


Formerly known as the “Sweater Project”, the Hoodie Project Committee is responsible for designing a hoodie for the year for our members. Because the hoodie is released at the end of the calendar year, this committee only exists for half a year. It’s therefore perfect to join if you don’t want to commit yourself to something for the whole year, but would at the same time like to contribute to our association in some way, this committee is the perfect opportunity for you. Not to mention that the Hoodie means more than just a piece of clothing to the VSPA members; wearing it will remind people of memories with the VSPA for many years to come! To apply for this committee, send your motivation to

Do you enjoy filming and editing videos? Perhaps you’ve thought about posting TikToks or YouTube videos but haven’t had the time or courage? Well, the Marketing Committee is for you! Unlike other committees, this one only consists of Chair and Creators. Your time in this committee will be spent on creating Instagram Reels of events, behind-the-scenes of the association as well as other projects. Joining this committee provides you with the opportunity to express your creativity, gain valuable skills such as video editing, but most importantly, have fun! If you want to join this committee, send your motivation to

Would you like to experience a “triathlon” that consists of cooking, organising small borrels on Fridays, and assisting the board with some tasks? Then you have to join the support committee! This committee is the most diverse out of all, as it has three–dare I say almost random–but extremely important functions. The first one is to cook Vegan dinners for the General Members’ Assemblies (GMAs). A GMA is held approximately once every two months. The second function of this committee is to organise Friday Afternoon Borrels (FABs). Two FABs will be organised this year. The last function of the Support Committee is to assist the Board in promotion of the VSPA on selection and matching days. This committee will also help out with any tasks that need to be covered in the Board. Are you interested in joining the Support Committee? Send your motivation letter to