Are you excited for Halloween? You should be; as Halloween Parties bring out one’s creativity (or not—depending on what costume you choose ;) ) and often create unforgettable memories—that you sometimes wish your friends could forget, especially when it’s been weeks since the event but they still keep bringing up that one thing you did there…

Anyway, start your 2023 Halloween Party marathon with the VSPA’s Clubhouse of Horror event! Come join us on Wednesday at Club Maïa from 22:00 onwards!

Do you find yourself asking “But why?” Well, if I haven’t managed to convince you by this post until now, then you should consider the following:
– Beer for €2.50,- only! (What????!! I know, right! I couldn’t believe it either)
– Buy 2 shots, get a 3rd one for free
– And last but not least, help the 83rd Board of the VSPA create memories we may or may not be embarrassed about later.. YAYYYY:))))))