// Frequently Asked Questions

Hey there!

Here are some of our most asked questions from members of the VSPA:

// Why should I become a member?

Membership includes a discount on all of your Psychology-related study materials for success here at the UvA! Whether that be a discount on all the Psychology Textbooks you need for the programme here at the UvA, summaries and exclusive trainings provided by our partners for a discount, or access to our events, whether that be study-related workshops, excursions, lectures or trips, or more social-focused activites of dutch borrels, the famous VSPA parties,  ski- and city trips, and much, much more!

Start getting the perks and benefits of being a member, and the awesome community feel today, via this link.

// How do I buy books?

We work each year to ensure you get all your recquired books from whatever year or specialization you are in. We also ensure with our exclusive partner that you get a discount as a VSPA member! (Of course, you can also purchase books at the regular price via our Bookshop without being a member).

Sign up as a User here, and follow the link to our Bookshop and you can buy your books as a member with a discount, or as a regular shopper!

Tip: You can also sell your books via our partner after you’ve used them!

// I signed up but couldn’t pay?

Send us an e-mail at info@vspa.nl, use our contact forum above, or swing by the VSPA Room at GS.25 on REC for also a yummy free coffee and we will sort you out!

// Where can I find the Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policy?

You can find all of our T&Cs, Refund Policy as well as our Privacy Policy on this page.

// I no longer want to be a member

Sorry to hear that you’re leaving us! Make sure to use the ‘Unsubscribe’ forum found under ‘After the VSPA’  to submit your request to leave the VSPA.

Also, you are automatically unsubscribed three years after your initial registration. It is therefore unnecessary to use the ‘Unsubscribe’ Form if you are graduating after the third-year.

Attention: This means you will no longer be eligible to attend our member-exclusive events, receive our discounts and other member perks.

You must submit your request before September 1st of each year, otherwise you will be charged as a member until the following year. For questions or concerns, please reach out to info@vspa.nl.

// Can I extend my membership past the 3 years?

We’re so glad you would like to continue being a member! We have a few options depending on your situation.

You’re a fourth+ year Bachelors Student or a Masters Student

You can reach out to info@vspa.nl to recieve an exclusive 1-Year Membership! This is only avaliable to those in this situations, otherwise please use the “Become a Member’ Forum, or reach out to info@vspa.nl to inquire about your membership status or possibilities of becoming a member!

You’re an alumnus and/or you would like to be an honorary member

We have special membership status for previous members and individuals interested in recieving a special membership status! Fill out our “Contact’ forum and state that you would like to become and honorary member or recieve your alumnus status! For questions or concerns, always contact info@vspa.nl!