Clothing Stores

The Kalverstraat is the biggest shopping street in the center of Amsterdam. Here you can find all the most popular (mainstream) stores. If you cross the Dam you can also find more stores at the Nieuwendijk. When you walk in the direction of Leidseplein, there are some more stores in the Heiligeweg and in the Leidsestraat as well.

If you’re more interested in small boutiques, vintage stores, and less known clothing the 9 Streets (9 Straatjes) and Haarlemmerdijk are great places to shop.

And lastly, when you’re into high-end fashion and money isn’t an issue, the P.C. Hooftstraat is your perfect shopping street!


Albert Heijn – This is by far the most expensive but also the most convenient supermarket in the city since there are over 60 stores in Amsterdam alone with a large number spread throughout the city center. Their blanket coverage means you will never be far away from one of their stores. The largest branches can be found at the rear of Dam Square’s Royal Palace as well as Jodenbreestraat 21. You will find a fairly broad range of products in these larger stores but expect a massively reduced selection in the smaller outlets and the tiny ‘To Go’ stores. Alcohol is also available in the larger stores but again the selection is fairly limited to basic beers and wines. Most stores close at 22.00 daily however one branch in Central Station is open until 00.00 which is always good to know for life’s little emergencies.

Aldi & Lidl are recognized economy stores in the Netherlands. Selling a broad range of international products at cheaper prices than the likes of Albert Heijn, they remain very popular with Amsterdam locals.

Jumbo & Vomar – With regards to pricing, they are somewhere in between Albert Heijn and Aldi/Lidl. If you need to hunt out stores local to your apartment check out the following websites and click on the ‘Winkels’ or ‘Filiaal-zoeker’ buttons which mean ‘shops’ and ‘branch finder’, respectively, in Dutch. Simply type in the name ‘Amsterdam’ and hit the search button. Move the maps around to locate the nearest store.


Gall & Gall – If you are looking for alcohol other than basic beer or wine then head to this: the city’s major chain-store off-license. These outlets are often located next door to Albert Heijn stores or in shopping centers.


Every area has loads of nice and good restaurants. That is why the different restaurants are described depending on the area you are in. Making a reservation is recommended.

Restaurants in Amsterdam West:

Amsterdam West has many diverse restaurants and bars. Click here for a list of 48 amazing restaurants in Amsterdam West.

Restaurants in Amsterdam East:

Amsterdam East is also a very diverse area with lots of nice restaurants and bars. Here is a list of 35 diverse restaurants in Amsterdam East.

Restaurants in De Pijp:

De Pijp is a very popular area amongst tourists as well. It is way more touristy than Amsterdam West or East for example. However, it has many nice restaurants. You can find a list of 23 restaurants here.

Restaurants Amsterdam North:

To go to Amsterdam North, you have to take the ferry. There are a few ferries to different areas of Amsterdam North, so make sure you take the right one to go to the restaurant. You can find a few here.

Restaurants Amsterdam Centre:

Finding nice restaurants in the city centre is quite hard since this is the most touristic area of Amsterdam and therefore very focused on tourism. However, there are very nice restaurants here as well, you just have to look a bit harder. To make it easy for you, here is a list of restaurants in Amsterdam City Centre.

Different kitchens

Amsterdam is a very diverse city and therefore has a diverse range of kitchens. Every kitchen links to a website with a list of restaurants with that kitchen.


A nice part of the experience of being a student is of course going out, and thankfully Amsterdam has a lot of places that cater perfectly to this need! The most popular locations for bars and clubs are Leidseplein, Rembrandtplein, and the Dam.


Under this list, you can find the most fun clubs of Amsterdam to enjoy the nightlife to its full potential!

  • The Chicago Social Club is one of the most fun clubs in Amsterdam! They organize different events that you can check out on their website.
  • Jimmy Woo is a worldwide famous club because of its strict door policy and many celebrated guests! The club is also famous for its interior and sound system.
  • Disco Dolly is open 7 days a week and with a varied program intended for everyone: disco, funk, soul, boogie, house, hip hop. It is music for everyone!
  • Bitterzoet does its best to offer as varied a range of music styles as possible. These music styles vary, for example, from rock, punk, ska to hip-hop, funk, and soul. Always check their agenda to see if it’s your kind of music.
  • Paradiso is a venue in a former church in the heart of Amsterdam. They organize many events so always make sure to check their agenda.
  • AIR Amsterdam is one of the 100 best clubs in the world and due to its diverse and international program, it attracts visitors from all over the world.
  • Club Escape is one of the most popular clubs in the Netherlands and abroad and has been around since 1986! After 3 major transformations, it’s still on pace with the newest technologies in sound, lighting, and visuals.
  • Chin Chin Club is the one and only place where Amsterdam’s hottest in-crowd goes to socialize, flirt, and party on their all-time favorite hits. It is open every Thursday to Saturday.


Under the list of bars, you can find all the best locations to grab a drink during the day but be prepared to dance as they turn into clubs at night!

  • Coco’s Outback is one of the most popular bars in Amsterdam. You are in the right place when you fancy a cocktail or a delicious burger. At night the Pub turns into a club and you are allowed to dance on the tables!
  • De Heeren van Aemstel is the borrel location for the VSPA and our all-time favorite bar! ;) From drinks to weddings, from concerts to confetti, from lager to pub quiz, from beer pong to bitterballen and from shots to silent disco… It’s all possible in De Heeren.
  • The Kopstootbar hosts a varied program with DJs, live music, game nights, and much more. Keep an eye on their socials for all specials. ,
  • The Cooldown Cafe is open every night of the week to give you an unforgettable time. Music ranging from Rock and R&B to Dutch pop and House is played.