Study Spots

Coffe and coconuts

A former cinema built in the roaring ’20s, Coffee & Coconuts is now home to a relaxing and easy-going environment. A great place to study, especially if you feel anxious about your workload. It will make you feel like you’re on a holiday getaway, you’re even allowed to walk around bare feet!

Cafe de Yaren

Cafe de Yaren is a Cafe located near Oudemanhuispoort campus. It is right next to the canal with an amazing ‘Amsterdam’ view. A lot of students go there to study for its spacious layout, great coffee, and views. You can also connect to UvA Wifi from there which comes in very handy.

Rum Baba Cafe 

They call themselves “your happy eclectic home away from home”. The place is undeniably cozy, located a few doors down from their bakery. There’s plenty of seating, including a long wooden table perfect for groups. Work outside on sunny days and enjoy some banana bread with your coffee.


Bocca has a school of coffee, sells coffee beans wholesale, and even has an online shop. Basically, they’re coffee experts. Their coffee shop in Amsterdam has a minimalist vibe, perfect for a focused study session.

Bagels and Beans Waterlooplein

Bagels and Beans is a chain with delicious bagels and coffee. The Bagels and Beans in Waterlooplein is very spacious and you can study while enjoying your bagel.

Prisma Coffee Bar 

Prisma coffee bar is located near Oudemanhuispoort campus, is incredibly cozy and ‘gezellig’. You can enjoy your cup of coffee, interact with the very friendly staff during your study breaks and enjoy the delicious snacks they have. It has a very relaxing environment if you feel stressed about your exams.

Coffee Company Waterlooplein

The coffee company is another chain that is very famous in Amsterdam. They have great coffee and reasonable prices. The coffee company on Waterlooplein has a bigger area compared to other coffee companies so if you need to study for a few hours and don’t know where to go, you should stop by at Waterlooplein.

Coffee Bru 

The perfect coffee spot for socializing, meetings, and alone time. They have comfy chairs and a spacious table to work alone or in a study group. On top of the amazing coffee, they have an amazing white chocolate cheesecake.