VSPA x Gelijkspel: Free Workshop on Sexual Culture

We are incredibly excited to announce that we’ll be hosting a workshop in collaboration with Gelijkspel, another non-profit organisation dedicated to helping create a positive sexual experience and environment for students. Gelijkspel, which can be loosely translated as “Fair Play” to English (although it literally means a “tie” in a game), thinks of sex as a “sexual game” which every member of our society is a player in. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a bar with your friends and someone is hitting on you, whether you’re trying to approach someone you find attractive in a club, whether you’re on a Tinder date, or whether you’re just hanging out with friends and see other people around you flirting: you’re a player in this game in all the aforementioned situations. Gelijkspel strives to make this game a tie for everyone, meaning we’re all equal in this and deserve to treat others and be treated like so as well. For that reason, they provide workshops to student bodies all over the Netherlands, in which they come up with model situations that participants discuss among each other but are also provided with guidelines or a possible script on how to act in those situations, so that people feel more comfortable and safer in this “game” as well as contribute to that safe and comfortable environment for others. The workshop will be very open and sex-positive and will also prepare you for potentially uncomfortable situations you might get yourself into. In our opinion, it doesn’t matter whether you’re 18 or 30, if you’re single or in a relationship, it can be extremely valuable to you either way!

This workshop is free, but the capacity is limited to 150 attendees. For that reason, make sure to get your ticket soon!* For the reason of limited capacity, this workshop is for members only.

DATE: Next Monday (November 13)

TIME: 18:15 – 19:30

LOCATION: Lecture Hall C0.01


*In case you already got your ticket but have realised you won’t be able to make it, please let us know (daniela@vspa.nl or info@vspa.nl) as soon as you find out, so that don’t take away the opportunity to attend from someone else!!! Thanks so much for being considerate:))

‘Clubhouse of Horror’ Halloween Party @ CLUB MAÏA

Are you excited for Halloween? You should be; as Halloween Parties bring out one’s creativity (or not—depending on what costume you choose ;) ) and often create unforgettable memories—that you sometimes wish your friends could forget, especially when it’s been weeks since the event but they still keep bringing up that one thing you did there…

Intro Borrel

Whether you’re completing a bar crawl, want to meet your fellow psychology students for the first time, or are interested in coming to simply hang out, ALL Psychology students are welcome to the Intro Borrel!!! We have prepared group activities, free special shots, and discounts on drinks!! The number of free shots is limited, so make sure to come on time! ???? See you at Rembrandtplein!

– Xoxo, your new Board <3


LOCATION: De Heeren van Aemstel

DATE: Tuesday, August 29

TIME: 21:00-01:00 (but you can stay until 03:00)

EOY Goodbye Letter — Greetings from the 82nd Board!

With the academic year over, we hope to catch you with this mail somewhere on a sunny beach, hiking high up in the sky, or enjoying your summer with friends and family.

We are busy at work with finalizing our year, and we have been reflecting on the crazy ride it has been! With 7 trips outside of Amsterdam (and three international), hosting 5 parties, many, many Borrels, a Career Day, a Master’s Day, many guest lectures and more events by our 26 Committee to hardly count!
We hope you used any of our services, both the ones we had and the new ones we offered, such as our VSPAssitance Pages (for your Soft Landing, Enjoying your Stay or if you’re Taking Off), our new Hygiene & Sexual Health fund, raising awareness and offering intimate products for free in the bathrooms (Thanks to our partners of the Department and CSR!), or if you enjoyed our new partnership with TentamenTrainingen allowing you to revise with ease!
But we also reflected on the not-so-pretty parts. We had a loss of a partner, which caused delays in our booksale. We had a less-than-ideal turn out with some of our social events, and there were also minor hiccups whenever planning and hosting our 80+ events this year. However, we had support from our advisory organs, the Psychology Department, our friends and most importantly, you.
We can never thank you enough for the amount of support we received this year, and every hurdle we had we overcame because of that. With a little piece of nostalgia, we have attached a small year booklet below, with some photos of our favourite memories!

We wish our successors the best of luck, and can’t wait for what the 83rd Board of the VSPA will be hosting!

We hand the torch off with pride, and thank you all from the bottom of our hearts of a year that brought us closer as friends, a year that allowed us to learn what we were truly made out of, and a year that will always be looked back fondly!


Check out our Yearbook!



Is the summer weather not so nice? No worries, the VSPA is doing one last time to sell their custom and unique sweaters, attainable as Zip-Up or Hoodie, at an extra discount!

With sustainability in mind, our new Sweater Project Committee has made sure to make the most comfortable and cozy sweaters possible. We are currently offering 20% off sweaters, so grab them while you still can!

Please note that sweaters can be picked up in the VSPA area for the next academic year. Opening hours will be announced soon.

So come on cozy and rep your studies in the best possible way! See you soon!



Ready to get some vitamin sea?

The wilderness committee has planned out their full day event for you!

Always wanted to learn how to surf, but didn’t work out yet? We got you!

The wilderness committee decided to do a surfing event! We organized surfing lessons for everybody who wants to ride the waves at Bloemendaal beach and prepare for their next vacation!

(please note: if there are no waves which we can’t control, it will be substituted by SUPping)

After that we planned out several fun games so you can get together with your fellow students and enjoy the good weather and the sea breeze with some snacks and drinks while tanning.
(spoiler alert: there is also gonna be a prize for the winners!)

Tickets will go online today!!⚠

If you’re not the biggest fan of surfing and would just like to celebrate the longest days of the year with some music near the ocean, feel free to join us at around 18:00, we’re gonna be there blasting some music and make it a fun evening

If we got you excited, keep an eye out for the VSPA instagram to not miss out on the ticketsale!

So get your bathing suit and sunlotion ready! We’re looking forward to seeing you there!!

Important info:

When: Friday 16 June 2023
Meetingtime: 14.30
Where: Bloemendal Aan Zee – meeting point Rapa Nui
Price: 32,50€ en 26,50€




Master Thesis Presentation – June 19th

The VSPA is proud to announce a new type of event, in collaboration with the Department of Psychology – the first-ever MASTER THESIS EXTRAVAGANZA! This event is designed to support the Master’s students of the various programmes within the Psychology Department by giving them a platform to promote and raise awareness of their research! We are also supporting our members in their bachelor’s by allowing a Masters Colloquiums to be attained during this event.

The idea came up after seeing the crowding of Master Presentations in the G-Building, and after approaching a few Master’s students. Then after a few meetings between Master’s students, the Department and the VSPA, the MTE was born! We hope to provide members and non-members with the opportunity to network and exchange ideas from a vertical perspective of Master to Bachelor’s, as well as showcase the hard work Master’s students put into their Thesis. During the break, we hope to allow students to network and

What: Master Thesis Extravaganza
When: June 19th, 17:00
Where: REC ABC | (limited) online Streaming available
Price: 2,50EUR for members | 3,00EUR for non-members




PRIDE PARTY – 20de Juni @ SOHO

With the temperature rising, the energy in the city is shifting, and what better way to celebrate PRIDE MONTH than with the final party of the VSPA!

In collaboration with Mercurius and Machiavelli, we’re inviting you out to the famous Reguliersdwarsstraat to party your heart out until 3am on June 20th.

Come in drag and skip the line, and the first-comers receive a free welcome shot. With your ticket you get a free beer!

Reminder to bring your ID, bring your favourite outfit and a great mood to party all night with your friends from other associations.

We’ll see you at Club SoHo at 21:00 on June 20th!


Pride Party &#8211; @ SoHo LEDEN

Pride Party &#8211; @ SoHo NIET LEDEN

AMSUnlocked @ LIEF – June 3rd 2023

On the 7th of June, the doors will open once again at 16:00 for the second time and AMSUnlocked will welcome over 2000 festival-goers. AMSUnlocked is an initiative of 5 founding-study associations of the UvA, and has partnered with student-run associations all over the Amsterdam region. We are expecting 2000 festival-goers on Wednesday at the grounds of LIEF, with two stages and a DJ Line up on the outdoor Sun-set stage of MIA MORE, NOWIFI, and more, and by the indoor Warehouse stage, CYNTHIA SPIERING, ROSE RINGED, many more!

For more info, check out vspa.nl/amsunlocked

Get your tickets here

Use coed ‘VSPA10’ to get an extra discount on top!