Ready to get some vitamin sea?

The wilderness committee has planned out their full day event for you!

Always wanted to learn how to surf, but didn’t work out yet? We got you!

The wilderness committee decided to do a surfing event! We organized surfing lessons for everybody who wants to ride the waves at Bloemendaal beach and prepare for their next vacation!

(please note: if there are no waves which we can’t control, it will be substituted by SUPping)

After that we planned out several fun games so you can get together with your fellow students and enjoy the good weather and the sea breeze with some snacks and drinks while tanning.
(spoiler alert: there is also gonna be a prize for the winners!)

Tickets will go online today!!⚠

If you’re not the biggest fan of surfing and would just like to celebrate the longest days of the year with some music near the ocean, feel free to join us at around 18:00, we’re gonna be there blasting some music and make it a fun evening

If we got you excited, keep an eye out for the VSPA instagram to not miss out on the ticketsale!

So get your bathing suit and sunlotion ready! We’re looking forward to seeing you there!!

Important info:

When: Friday 16 June 2023
Meetingtime: 14.30
Where: Bloemendal Aan Zee – meeting point Rapa Nui
Price: 32,50€ en 26,50€