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Health & Travel Insurance

Studying overseas or being offered an internship can be a valuable and exciting part of your tertiary education. It is important to be insured during your study overseas in case anything should happen to yourself in The Netherlands or if you suddenly have to return home due to a sick relative.

Check out this website for an overview of insurances perfectly fit for international students.

Are you going to be working while in the Netherlands? Then by law, you must get a Dutch Health Insurance, or you may face a 400EUR fine for non-compliance. AON offers easy-to-set-up insurance for students, found here.



This is the dentist for students in Amsterdam. It is possible to register online and schedule appointments. The dentist is also located near several university buildings
It’s incredibly easy to switch to this dental practice. First, make an appointment online and on-location all papers will be filled in and will be sent. It takes little time to make the switch between dental practices and all the administration is largely done for you.

Lastly, Studentist indicates to be very cheap, and especially younger dentists work at this practice.

Click here to go to their website.


ACTA is a knowledge institute where research is carried out, students are educated and 350 patients are cared for on a daily basis. ACTA even ranks among the top 5 dental research institutes in the world. The institute is a collaboration between the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam. 

Also, dental care is available at the Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA), where treatment is provided by university dental students who are supervised by qualified dentists.

Treatments can take slightly more time because they may be carried out by several students, but the cost is lower (65% of the normal fee, on average).

A selective examination will be carried out before you can register at ACTA in order to establish whether you are a good candidate for treatment by students. It is possible that you will not be admitted to ACTA as a patient.

For more information about ACTA, click here

Click here to see what the UvA recommends.

General Practitioner

There are loads of different General Practitioners (GP) in Amsterdam. For internationals who may not know a GP is a doctor based in the community who treats patients with minor or chronic illnesses and refers those with serious conditions to a hospital. The health care system in The Netherlands might be different than what you are used to. For more information about insurance, you can check out the UvA website and their advice.

To know the closest General Practitioner in your area, search on Google for GPs in your area. For example, “General Practitioner in Amsterdam East”. Then a list of GPs in your district will be shown. You can also find GPs in your area on this website. The UvA also provides information about GPs. Click here for more information. 

Finally, the GP also deals with the mental health of the student. If you are having problems related to your mental health that are not study-related (if it is check out the UvA Psychologists) you should get a consultation appointment with your GP and they will refer you to a professional (psychologist or psychiatrist).

What documents do I need to register at a Dutch GP?

Registering to a GP takes little time and is very user-friendly. You can register for the GP of UvA (details down below) or any other GP usually via a from or through a phone call. Also, if you are unhappy with your current GP transferring from one GP to another is very easy. Just fill in a few forms and a few days later all the data is transferred.

What you need to fill in:

– Information about your previous General Practitioner
– Personal information, so your name, address, etc.
– Your Citizen Service Number (BSN in Dutch)
– Details about your health insurance

This is a general practice in the center of Amsterdam. The practice cooperates with the UvA and the HvA, which means that every student from these institutes can contact this general practitioner. Here they specialize in students, taking into account the body of students but also the lifestyle of the student. They are specialized in burn-outs, travel advice & vaccination, birth control, drugs, STD’s etc. They also give a lot of attention to E-health. On the internet, it is possible to follow the training, carry out tests and follow therapy.

There are also general practitioners in the Amsterdam Centraal Station. They are ideally located for residents of the city center who are looking for a new, easily accessible general practitioner with extended opening hours. Travelers and commuters can also contact them. All kinds of investigations are carried out via their own laboratory collection point. You can also get medication at the adjacent pharmacy. This is ideal to keep in mind in case of emergencies as well (the UvA GP can get crowded certain times of the year) since they accept walk-ins.