Health & Travel Insurance

Studying overseas or being offered an internship can be a valuable and exciting part of your tertiary education. It is important to be insured during your study overseas in case anything should happen to yourself in The Netherlands or if you suddenly have to return home due to a sick relative.

Check out this website for an overview of insurances perfectly fit for international students.

JoHo is one of few organizations in the Netherlands where you can directly purchase a comprehensive range of foreign insurances from a variety of insurers. As with their other products and services, they believe that you should be able to choose between the best, the most cost-effective, and the most specialized insurance.

JoHo offers various possibilities from combining insurances to assisting in transferring from one insurer to another.

When you purchase an insurance policy through JoHo, you will not pay any more than if you had purchased it directly from the insurer. Sometimes (through special collective agreements) you will pay even less.