Study Trip ’23 – Athens, Mykonos, Delos

The VSPA is preparing for the annual study trip. This year, the destination includes Athens, Mykonos, and Delos. The opportunity to visit these culturally rich destinations is exciting, and we hope to gain valuable knowledge from our experiences.

As always, the university trips are an essential part of the academic program, as they provide a unique chance to apply what has been learned in the classroom to real-world situations. Exploring the ancient ruins and historic landmarks of Athens, as well as soaking up the sun and island life on Mykonos, is something we are looking forward to. Visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site on Delos and learning about the island’s fascinating history is also of great interest.

However, it should be noted that during the absence, the VSPA room will be closed until May 10th. The organization apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause. However, we want to ensure that members have a safe and secure studying environment. The VSPA room is an essential resource for students, providing snacks, refreshments, and summaries to help with studies. Members are encouraged to take advantage of the services when the organization returns to regular business hours.

Thank you for understanding, and the VSPA looks forward to sharing the experiences with everyone when returning.


Are you a Psychology Student? Are you motivated to explore one of the historical capitals of Europe and one of Europe’s most popular islands, on a 9-day-trip, visiting Athens & Mykonos during your may-break?

Then join the Study Trip, where you will get the possibility to take a journey through the ancient and modern world of Greece, we will be exploring historical landmarks, visit Greek universities and dive into Greek culture, as well as into Mediterranean nightlife.

Our first destination is Athens, where you will have the opportunity to explore Greek history and modern education. You will see the iconic Acropolis and discover first-hand ancient culture like the tactile museum, an interactive museum offering the possibility to explore the history of Greece based on touch. We will also visit two universities in Athens, where you will be provided two lectures and have the chance to meet professors and students from Athens to get an insight into the academic education offered in Greece. No Greece trip would be complete without experiencing delicious Greek cuisine, so be prepared for visiting some exquisite restaurants in Athens to taste Gyros, Feta cheese or Raki made in Greece.

After 5 days in Athens, we will head to Mykonos, an island located in the Greek sea, known for its iconic landscape and phenomenal nature. First, we will have a day at the beach, where you will get the chance to connect with your fellow students via beach games. This is followed by a day trip to the ancient ruins of delos, an UNESCO-heritage and important archeological site which was once the center of Mediterranean trade. On your last full day in Mykonos, you will explore the old port of the island in a walking tour, and we will take a group picture to round our trip up and to finalize our time together.

Our educational study trip to Athens & Mykonos offers a diverse mix of cultural, natural and fun experiences. So pack your bags, join our group of 35 like-minded students, and get ready for an unforgettable experience in Greece!

Your tickets includes:

1. 2 flights on 30.04.23 from Amsterdam Schipol to Athens & 08.05.23 from Mykonos to Amsterdam (Handbaggaes included, extra baggage can book for an additional fee).

2. 8 Hostel nights: 5 in Athens, 3 in Mykonos

3. Ferry from Athens to Mykonos

4. Bustransfers from airports to hostel or hostel to Ferries

5. Tickets for Museums (Akropolis, Tactueel Museum, Nationaal Archeologisch Museum and meer!)

6. Roundtrip to Delos including visit to UNESCO sites

7. First group dinner


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