Ski Trip 2023! – Risoul

It’s the time year again, in March the VSPA heads off on her annual Ski Trip! This year with almost 40 brave snow enthusiasts, we’re excited to spend 9 days on the slopes of Risoul!

This is a well-known ski paradise, with beautiful slopes and plenty of challenges, for beginners, intermediates and for those daring to hit the black diamonds!

We’ll be back on March 14th, for the time being, make sure to follow our Socials to see the views we see. We’ll be responding and reachable only online for the time being, either via our social media or via

Don’t worry, once we’re back, we’ll be excited to welcome you back to the VSPA room, as well as many of our best events yet coming up! Stay tuned for our Annual Showcase talent show& art exhibit, held in Mezrab, or our Volun-tinder, where many volunteering associations will be represented, for you to find your perfect outlet.