Pizza & Pottery Workshop – May 9th

Wholesome (hand-building) pottery workshop coming soon!!!

Come and join us to make whatever you like out of clay, whether it’s a mug, an ashtray, or a cute little vase to decorate your home, you can do it all at our event. Tap into your creative side, mold that clay and slay! And if you need some ideas or prefer not to experiment, we will also hand out instructions on how to make a few simple things. After the pottery, we will move outdoors into the sunny weather and have a borrel with pizza from Pizza Bakkers, all included in the price of only €3.05! The Workshop Committee is happy to guide you through with some various designs, or advise you on techniques for your custom pot!

What: Pottery Workshop, guided by the Committee
When: Tues. May 9th, from 17:00 til 19:00 (open-end)
Where: GS.08 on REC @ UvA

We decided to host this event because we noticed psychology students are very interested in creative activities. We wanted to provide you with a creative outlet to express yourself, have some jokes with friends, and feast on the pizzas. If you’re not bringing anyone with you, don’t you worry because the workshop committee is extremely friendly, social, crazy, and want to get to know all of you! We want to bring you some positive vibes, love, make you laugh and feed you. We hope to see you there!

Keep slaying.

Important Info: If you’re more comfortable, come with some old clothes and an old bag, as the clay dries overnight at home! It will be fully dryed of paint by the end of the event, and will be hard enough, however it may deform if pressure is applied.

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