City Trip, Brugge ’22

Haven’t been on a city trip with friends in a while, or want to meet new people while exploring a new city? This is your chance to join the yearly VSPA city trip, this time with Bruges as our destination! In the weekend, you will be exploring all the nice local breweries, Belgian chocolate and small streets of Bruges along with 38 other students!
The weekend will take place at the 28th until the 30th of October!
We are leaving from IWO right after the first years exam, so we will be leaving at 22:30 pm.
The ticket price is 88,96 euros, ticket sale begins at 17:00 via this link.
During the weekend, we will be staying at a nice cosy hostel in Bruges, where we will spend 2 nights. On Saturday we will visit a very tasty museum :) After that, we will explore the city by a walking tour, guided by our very own committee! Further we’ll be having some nice dinner with all of us, after which we will do some very necessary bar hopping! Sunday is a chill day with a lot of optional activities, so everyone can do as the please.
Overall it’s going to be a very enjoyable weekend, we’re very excited!
If you get a ticket, there will be a big meeting with all the people that are joining the trip, including the committee, at Thursday 20th of October, from 6 – 7 pm. Here you will get some additional info on the weekend.
We hope to see you there!
The City Trip Committee