Queer Clips & Drinks @ Brug34

The Queer Committee is proud to celebrate Pride month and invites you to another event showcasing queer-expression!

Founded last year, the Queer Committee and separate Instagram ( has been committed to supporting all psychology students at the UvA and bringing together members of the LGBT+ Community in fun events.

Last year, the main event in june showcased in collaboration with He x SheUvA queer-art at Bar Bario. Inspired by this, the QuComm of this year is hosting a film festival at Brug34, with member-submitted clips and short films about the struggles but also the joys of being queer. Afterwards, there will be a Borrel and snacks, for networking and getting to know new people!

Come join us on Monday, June 5th at Brug34, from 19:00 onwards, we will have a walk-in period, with free drinks and free snacks for the first joiners. We will then be screening the various films and clips, and concluding with a borrel!

We hope to see you there!

Ticket sale avaliable here