Lecture: The Sense of Humor

This lecture will be about the sense of humor! Sibe Doosje will come to the UvA to tell us about humor in people with autism, comedians, the importance of humor and much more!!!  In addition, get one Colloquium Point !!!

“In order to have a good life people need to satisfy a number of basic needs like food, safety and shelter. But how does a sense of humor fit in this pyramid of needs? Is it essential for survival, nice to have or expendable? In this interactive lecture you will find out more about the study of humor as a part of positive psychology. Laughter, functions of a sense of humor and its effects on physical, mental and social health will be highlighted in a state of the art overview. Johan Cruyff, comedians and a sense of humor in people with autism will also be part of the lecture, which will be spiced up with many humor examples and exercises to let you get the hang of it.”

Hope to see you all there!!!! ❤️


When : Monday 15:00-17:00

When: Roeterseiland Campus REC A0.05

Price: 2,00 Euro

BUY TICKET HERE: https://vspa.nl/product/lecture-sense-of-humour/?lang=en