Hot Politics: Affective Responses to Politics and Their Consequences for Persuasion

It is often claimed that politics is deeply emotional, and increasingly so. Politicians seem to make more, and more extreme, emotional appeals than ever before. Citizens are angered about politics, or anxious about political developments. Sometimes they are deeply enthusiastic and hopeful about political candidates or political change. Still there are many questions about the role of emotions in politics. How fundamental are they? When do they emerge? And are there differences between people in the emotions they experience? This talk will discuss the role of both more conscious and more unconscious instantiations of emotions and report results from innovative laboratory in the field experiments conducted throughout the Netherlands and in the United States. The results of these studies will highlight the complex role of emotions in politics and how they help us understand political persuasion and polarization.

When: 9th February 2022; 15.00-17.00

Where: Zoom

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