Good news, our application period is open! You can earn Study Active Points by joining a Committee or being otherwise active while pursuing your studies, earning a certificate signed by the Dean once you’ve earned 15!
Unsure which Committee is your fit? We have a great Mindmap to figure out which Committee suits you on page 26 of our info booklet!
How to apply to a Committee:
Please send in a motivation letter, stating why you are interested in a Committee, there is no experience required to join a Committee and it’s a fun way to learn about other members and psychology students. In general, a committee will host 2 – 3 events this year, and you will have a budget allocated to you.
More will be explained in the first meeting, but we’re so excited to see you.
Check out our Info Booklet or our Website ‘Committees’ Page for more info about each individual Committee, but I have attached the CAO (Committee Affairs Officer) that you should send your mail to!
For Career Day Committee, Conference
Please send your Letter to!
For Volunteering Committees, and Journalism Committee
Please send your Letter to
For Well-Being Committee, Festivities and Activities Committee
Please send your Letter to
For Workshop Committee, Wilderness, Excursion, and Application Committee (starts in the Winter)
Please send your Letter to
For Adventure Trip Committee, Borrel, City Trip, Party, Prom, Queer, Ski Trip (opens again in the spring), and the Support Committee
Please send your Letter to
For Showcase Committee, Lecture, Study Trip Committee, GMA Committee (opens in the fall) or the Sweater Project
Please send your Letter to
We’re excited to see your motivation letter, and see you soon!
Catch us in the VSPA room if you have any questions or concerns about Committees, your membership status, or just want a free coffee!