Charity Lecture: Nature and Mental Health

You can find the tickets on our calendar!


The VSPA Volunteering Committee is proud to announce the ✨first Charity Lecture will be held on January 25th from 17:00-18:00✨ We are eager to announce that you will be receiving a COLLOQUIUM POINT for participating in this lecture!? So get to get your tickets quickly… They are now available‼️
The topic of this lecture will discuss Nature and Mental Health ??, how wandelcoaching can benefit you, what you can do for nature, and what nature does for you.
The price of admission is up to you! We will be collecting monetary donations to the benefit of one of the Netherlands top Charities. We will also be hosting a Raffle draw at the end of the lecture, where each donation will result in an additional chance to win one of our prizes?
Up for grabs is:  TWO Vegan Junk Food Bar Giftcards and TWO Giftcards! ??‼️