Who to Contact at UvA

The Ombuds student

The Ombudsstudent is an independent contact person, this year that is Elin Swaan. If you ever find yourself in a situation in which you feel that you are being treated unfairly, or if you disagree with something and you don’t know how to solve it, she is your contact person!


Email: psyombudsstudent-fmg@uva.nl

The study advisors

The study advisor’s primary job is to help you go through your studies without hiccups. For study advice, guidance and planning you can contact one of the study advisers. So, all study related questions are for them! You could come to them for information about a specific course, or any personal issues you might experience, that influence your studying.

Because of the corona restriction, the study advisers work mostly form home, and it’s only possible to visit (Nieuwe Achtergracht, 129-B, rooms G0.23 and G0.24) by appointment.

You can send the study advisors an email and ask for a telephone or zoom appointment if you like. You could also call them during the telephone consultation hours for short questions.

The study advisors are:

  • Rebeka Rotter
  • Rosemarijn Franses
  • Irene Luth
  • Sarah Plunkett


Email: Studyadviser-psy-fmg@uva.nl

Open office hours
Monday to Friday 13.00-15.00, REC G0.23 and 0.24.

Make appointment online
Students can make a personal appointment online. An appointment is set for twenty minutes.

Telephone consultation hours

Tuesday              10.00-11.00 T: +31(0)20 525 5855
Wednesday        10:00-11:00 T: +31(0)6 3927 0562
Friday                  10.00-11.00 T: +31(0)6 1893 8247


The VSPA is always there for you, for whatever questions or issues you might have. Both personal and study related questions are always welcome! We will try to help you or send you to the best person to contact.

This year we have two appointed trust persons, Heleen and Irmak. They are the specific people in the VSPA to contact when you have personal troubles and you don’t know who to contact. Heleen or Irmak will then help you out, either directly or with finding the right person.


You can contact us via Instagram by sending us a private message, or you can send an email to info@vspa.nl.  You can of course also always stop by at the VSPA room (GS.25)

Trust persons: heleen@vspa.nl and Irmak@vspa.nl


You can always contact your teachers, the people giving the lectures, for questions that are related to the study material.


Their contact information is course (and teacher) specific, but you can always find them on canvas or by googling: ‘their name, UvA’.

Tutorial teacher 

Your tutorial teacher is there to help you with your study material and studying in general, but they’re also your mentor! You can always contact them with your personal and study-related troubles, don’t be afraid to ask them for help.


Every semester you get a new tutorial teacher, you can always email them via canvas and they usually also share their other contact information in one of the first tutorials.

The education desk

If you have other questions about your application, admission or selection, you can contact our education desk. You may experience difficulties reaching the Education Desk via telephone. If you send them an email, they will reply to you shortly.

You can contact the education desk for:

  • Your (certified) grade list, which includes your GPA
  • Requests about general study information
  • To pick up your propaedeutic and bachelor’s degree (after notification)
  • Information about test viewings and reassessment requests (1st and 2nd year bachelor)
  • Contract education
  • Colloquium doctum (21+ tests)



Nieuwe Achtergracht 129-B, room G0.22

1018 WS Amsterdam

Telephone: +31(0)20 525 6770 (between 10:00 – 14:00)