A study association (not to be confused with a student association) is a non-profit organisation that represents the interests of students in a particular field of study. It consists of many different committees which organise study-related (extracurricular) activities, such as educational trips, lectures and excursions as well as social activities like borrels (typical Dutch get-togethers), dinners and parties. Study associations are run for students, by students, and are a great way to get to know like-minded people and make your life as a student easier. Keep in mind though that it is not obligatory to join one or a necessity for passing the year! Still, joining one could definitely help you out since these associations oftentimes offer students great opportunities, benefits and discounts!

The VSPA, is an association run by Psychology students, for Psychology students. VSPA stands for: Vereniging van Studenten in de Psychologie te Amsterdam (the Association of Students in Psychology in Amsterdam). It is over 80  years old and with that one of the oldest and biggest study associations of the Netherlands!

The VSPA consists of about 1600 members, all looking for ways to expand their student lives in both a social and a study related way.

The association is built on her many committees that organise all kinds of study related activities such as: an international conference, different lectures, workshops and excursions, just to name a few. Besides these events, there are many opportunities to make social connections by means of the various parties, trips and ‘borrels’ that are organised. As a member you can join all these activities and even better; you can organise them yourselves! Basically, about 90% of Psychology-related things you experience on campus besides lectures and tutorials, are done by or with the VSPA. The VSPA is constantly growing and developing, just like its members. Make sure to stop by and check it out to see if there’s something we can offer you! Now: ‘where to find us?’, you may ask. Keep reading!

The VSPA room is where the board of 6 students stays every working day. Here, they fulfill all of their tasks to coordinate the organisation and keep everything running. But don’t be confused: the VSPA room is just as much a home for members as it is an office! All members are welcome to come together and chat with each other or with the board while enjoying a free cup of coffee. Also you can: get your study books with a great discount, buy summaries, receive information on activities, pick up free pens, markers, notebooks, snacks, merch and so much more. The VSPA room is located in the G-building of the Roeterseiland Campus, room GS.25. Do not hesitate to stop by once in a while, we are more than happy to help you or hang out!