Student Association

Besides study associations, Amsterdam also has a lot of different associations you can join! A student association focuses on student life in Amsterdam.

Student associations are separate associations for students from all different programmes. Most student associations have a hazing system. This is a period in which students have to prove themselves with all sorts of crazy assignments before they belong to the student association. Think of being dropped somewhere random in the Netherlands without a phone or money. The aim is to get back to the city you came from. In addition, student associations are mainly about having fun and getting together. For more information, go to the student life page on the UvA website!

Next to the ‘basic’ student associations, there are also some student associations with a specific focus on for example theatre, art, politics or music!

  • International associations

There are international associations, these associations focus mostly on the internationalization of young people and offering them opportunities for e.g. cultural integration, international internships or housing! For more information, click here  

  • Cultural and ethnic associations

These associations that focus on specific cultural or ethnic groups. For example, there are associations specifically for Moroccan/Dutch students, Asian students, Jewish students and Surinamese students! For more information, click here

  • Religious and spiritual associations

These associations have a religious or spiritual focus. For example, there are reformed Christian associations, Hindu associations or meditation associations. For more information, click here 

  • Gender and sexuality associations 

Then, there are also student associations that focus on gender and sexuality. For more information about these associations, click here

  • Creative arts and media associations

You can also find associations that offer opportunities to take part in arts, music or media! Want to know more about orchestra, TV or art association? Click here