“Free Will – So You Think You Can Choose” conference

Do you think that we are really free to choose our actions? Or is there something that inevitably determines them?

If you ever asked yourself these questions, the annual VSPA conference “Free will: so you think you can choose?” is here to tease your brain!

Our excellent speakers will offer you answers to these questions and to many more, such as:

– Is free will an illusion when we look at human neurophysiology?

– Should we hold criminals accountable in court if their free will is compromised by biological changes?

– Does advising, persuading, blaming and praising even have a point if we deny free will?

Interested in knowing more? Check the details below!

When? 14th April 2022

Where? Location will be soon revealed- stay tuned!

Bonus: Apart from becoming an expert in determinism and doubt your whole reality, you will gain colloquium points!