Self-evidently the organisation of our study association does not run itself. Besides the board, who are committed to the Association on a full time base there are some other administrative bodies who all contribute to keeping the association up and running. On this page you can find which administrative bodies are part of the VSPA, and what they do. Are you interested in being part of one? Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

Ask your questions to one of the board members at the VSPA-room (REC G, S.25), send us an email ( or make a call (020 525 67 90).

General Member Assembly Committee (ALVcommissie ALVcie)

The committee that plan the GMA’s and make the agenda for the Assemblies is called the General Member Assembly Committee. This committee consists of a chairperson who presides the assembly and a secretary who takes minutes of the assembly. This committee is interesting for people who want to have insight in the making of policies and by partaking, want to commit to the VSPA. If you are interested in this committee, you can mail to:

First-year Coordination Committee (Eerstejaarscoördinatiecommissie ECC)

The First-year weekend is a weekend for first years to get to know the other students. For many students it is an important, exciting and most of all a fun weekend! Does it feel like a challenge to coordinate this and carry the final responsibility for the course of events? Then the First-year Coordination Committee might be for you! Every spring between three and seven coordinators are elected, who are responsible for the organisation of the weekend.

Besides the ECC there are many other people needed to turn the First-year weekend into a great success. Fortunately the committees for the weekend are very popular. These are the committees that are responsible for certain parts of the organisation of the weekend. You will receive more information about this in the spring. If you want to be a monitor for the First-year weekend next year, then sign up for one of these committees, like the party-, cooking, or the technique committee. Visit the VSPA room and ask for more information or mail to

Audit Committee (Kascommissie; KC)

On behalf of the GMA, the Audit Committee (Kascommissie; KC) checks the treasurer of the board who keeps track of the financial administration of the association. The KC usually consists of ex-treasurers or people who (want to) have a good insight in business economics. The KC is elected by the GMA.

Anniversary Coordination Committee (Lustrum Coördinatiecommissie; LCC)

Every five years the VSPA celebrates her lustrum. In 2016 the VSPA celebrated her 75th birthday and a beautiful lustrum was hosted. After that the Anniversary Coordination Committee (Lustrum Coördinatiecommissie; LCC) was put to rest. This year the VSPA will reach the age of 77, which means that in 2017/2018 there is no need for an LCC. In 2021 the party can restart: oh matey, the VSPA turns eighty! If you already have creative ideas or an interest in the LCC, you can always send a mail to

Supervisory Board (Raad van Toezicht; RvT)

The Supervisory Board (RvT) checks, on behalf of the GMA, whether the board is committing to the policy and her charter. Apart from the checking function, the RvT also plays an advisory role in decision making by the board. The RvT is engaged in board meetings, and usually consists of former board members or members who have a lot of experience in the policy process of the VSPA. The RvT is elected by the GMA.

Application Guidance Committee (Sollicitatiebegeleidingscommissie; SBC)

The Application Guidance Committee (Sollicitatiebegeleidingscommissie; SBC)  is a committee that searches for new board members. They inform aspiring candidates about what ‘being on the board’ means and accompany people in the decision to apply. The SBC is elected by the GMA. You can reach the SBC via:

Application Committee (Sollicitatiecommissie SC)

The Application Committee (Sollicitatiecommissie SC) hosts the application interviews with psychology students who apply for the board. After the application procedure the SC forms a board and presents it to the GMA. The SC usually consists of a board member, an active member, an RvT member, a former board member and a member who is not active in committees. The SC is elected by the GMA around februari. Email: