When you have completed your psychology studies, you may not be completely done with the VSPA … Still want to stay involved? This is possible in two ways: you can become a reunionist of the VSPA, or become a member of our alumni association, Spectra. Below you will find more information about both options.

Alumni Association Spectra

Dear former VSPA member,

For years you can register as a former VSPA member as a reunionist at the VSPA student association. Since November 2014 you can also register with the alumni association Spectra. But what is Spectra really?

Alumni association Spectra is an association that is especially established for the former VSPA-members. It does not matter whether you have been active or have not been active with the VSPA.

Spectra aims to bring together the former VSPA members and to create a network within which they can stay in touch with each other. Spectra also wants to be a sounding board for the VSPA, whereby the VSPA can also seek advice from former members.

Even though Spectra only just exists, we are already busy organizing activities to stay in touch with each other. For example, together with the VSPA, we organize the reunionist/old member ‘borrel’. A membership with Spectra is free and is not the same as a membership as a reunionist with the VSPA.

At this moment Spectra’s board consists of the following members:

President Rick Smit
Secretary Sabine Verschuur
Treasurer Christian te Riet
Commissioner Ferdi de Jong

The Control Committee consists of:

President Rachel van Loenen
Member Tjitse Veerkamp

Do you want to become a member of Alumni Association Spectra? Click on the link below to go to the online application form and fill it out. We will contact you as soon as possible!

Application Form

Do you want more information? Send an email to spectra@vspa.nl and we will contact you!


Dear former VSPA-member,

There is a big chance that your student days have slipped into your memory to a fun time in the (distant) past. A time to never forget, right?

You have probably met a lot of people in the past years here at the UvA. During lectures, during all activities of the VSPA or just in the city of Amsterdam. However, many of those contacts get lost when you receive your Master’s degree. And that is, of course, a shame! For this reason, we offer everyone who has completed their study a special membership from the VSPA; you can now become a reunionist. The reunionist membership means that you can remain involved with the people from your student days for a long time, or at least for as long as you want.

There are no obligations, but it does have the following advantages:

  • There is a mailing list that everyone will be connected to.
  • You retain the right to speak during General Membership Meetings.
  • Once a year a ‘borrel’ will be organized by the VSPA to which all reunion students are most welcome.
  • Optional is the continued receipt of newsletters and emails concerning the VSPA policy.

If you are interested in this, please send an email with ‘I want to be a reunionist’ or ‘reunionist ON’ to reunisten@vspa.nl. Also mention your (mailing) address so we can send you the official invitation.

Reunionist ‘borrel’

The VSPA organizes many events for the students, but since 2009 one for the graduate student as well: the Reunionist ‘borrel’. The reason for this is because it is important to us that you do not lose sight of your fellow students when you are a graduate or if you are no longer a member. It is a way to talk to each other again while enjoying a drink. If you are a graduate you are very welcome!