Where can I study?


  • This is probably the most well-known study spot for students in Amsterdam. The hotel has a ‘werkplaats’ (workplace) area, with indoor and outdoor workspace, and even work-cabins available. You can book meeting rooms for work or group projects. Usually the ‘werkplaats’ is open until 1AM (2AM on Sundays), but with COVID-19 these opening hours can vary, so make sure to check before you go. https://www.volkshotel.nl/en/werkplaats/


UB singel

UvA Campus

  • Of course, every UvA campus has a lot of libraries as well. You can always visit these libraries, but in times of COVID-19, make a reservation first!


  • Cafes are a great place to work if you don’t like to study in silence, some examples are Coffee Company, Bagels and Beans, CREA, House of Watt, and many more!


  • OBA stands for Public Library Amsterdam, the main library is located near the Central Station and has seven floors, but there are a lot of different OBA locations all over Amsterdam, so there is always one close to you! https://www.oba.nl/oba/amsterdam-public-library.html

Stedelijk Museum Library

  • The Stedelijk Museum Library is accessible for free and without a ticket to enter the museum.

The Student Hotel, West & East Amsterdam

  • The Student Hotel provides the perfect place to work, there are a lot of students and it acts as a networking hub as well. There is a lot of space and the chairs are comfortable. There are two locations on opposite sides of the city. https://www.thestudenthotel.com/amsterdam-city/