Other Housing Websites

There are other very handy websites that you can make use of while searching for an apartment. 


Funda is a website where you can search for apartments and studios. It showcases houses for every budget range. Always read the descriptions very carefully to see if the house is suitable for students because some house owners do not want students renting their properties. You cannot apply for a house directly through the website, however, you can arrange viewings, which are always recommended to have before applying for the house! You do not need to pay any money to use this website


Pararius is a website very similar to Funda. The only difference is that Pararius has more advanced filters that come in handy especially if you are searching for a house for more than 2 people. Many houses in the Netherlands do not allow 3 people to register at the same time unless they are a family. On pararius you can see whether registration is possible through the filters and the descriptions of the houses. If you want to find an apartment/studio, check out their website.


Kamernet is a website that lets you rent a room in an apartment. If you are struggling to find roommates, Kamernet might be the best option for you! You can directly apply for a room through their website, however, you need to pay to have a premium account. Without a premium account you cannot apply for the houses, nor can you schedule a viewing. The monthly fee for the subscription is €34 but there are other subscription options as well. To get a more clear picture, check out their website