Honors Program

If you are looking for a way to challenge yourself further, the Honors Program is the right place for you. You can take extra courses next to your Bachelor’s and graduate with an Honors degree.


In order to get into the Honors Program, you need a GPA of 7.5 in your first year. If you fulfill this requirement you will receive an email from Max van der Linden (Honors coordinator for psychology) towards the summer break. You will need to write a motivation letter to apply. The Psychology honors program has a big capacity so you would most likely get in.


In order to stay in the honors program, you need to maintain your 7.5 GPA. In addition to that, you have to get an extra 30 EC’s in the second and third-year combined. The Honors courses are not affecting your GPA (it is calculated only from the Psychology courses), however, you need to pass them to get the credits. You need the 15EC by the end of your second year, meaning that you approximately need to take 2 extra courses per semester. It is a high workload but you can always decide to stop doing the honors program and there are no consequences.

Honors Courses

In the first semester of the second year, you can take any elective you want. You can also take current topic courses from the third year. However, you need to make sure the additional courses you take do not clash with your own schedule. In the second semester, you have to take one (or two) of the Interdisciplinary Honors modules (IIS). For an extensive list of all the courses offered you can check out this link. You can also take electives from different universities like the VU or AUC. However, in order to obtain the honors degree, you need to take at least 2 IIS courses overall. In the first semester of the third year, there is a mandatory course for all psychology honors students called ‘Breaking Borders’. Other than that you can shape your third year however you want.