Co-curricular Activities at the UvA

International Student ambassador 

The International Student Ambassadors share their first-hand experiences of the degree programs, teaching style, living in Amsterdam, and more. Would you like to connect with your fellow international students and play an important role in representing the University of Amsterdam? You can join the international ambassador program through this link but you need to check when they open their applications.

Student Delegate

There are different student delegates for each specialization, you check them out through this link. There are two responsibilities of student delegates. Firstly they are responsible for giving a summary of all the Evaluations forms of all the courses which are part of their respected specialization and then also discussing it with the course coordinator. The second part is organizing events related to their specialization.

There is no application process for being a student delegate. Anyone who is interested and motivated can join! You can just send out an email to the student delegates that you would like to join. The recruitment starts at the beginning of every semester.

Program Committee

In the Programme Committee, lecturers and students can jointly influence the teaching offered in the Psychology degree program. The committee is made up of an equal number of lecturers and students. Each program group is represented by one of its lecturers. The committee’s student members work in close communication with the ombud student, the VSPA, the Student Council, and the student fractions of the program groups. Program committee members usually serve a two-year term. The PC is an important advisory organ, and therefore a great addition to your resume. For more information, you can check out this link

If you have any questions about the PC, you can always send an email to:

Focus group

The education and the evaluation reports are discussed with the teachers and students of the Focus Group. The Focus Group students help the teachers with the interpretation of the reports and they advise the teachers and policy officers on how to improve the education and the educational environment. Therefore, the Focus Group is an easy way to contribute to the quality of the education, without taking too much of your time.

If you have any questions or want to register for the focus group, you can send an email to: