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Welcome to THE place on this website (and on campus, to be honest) where you can find all the help and opportunities you are looking for! Over the past year the VSPA has been working on this platform labelled ‘VSPAssistance’ which essentially embodies the ways in which we plan to: 

  • Answer questions and set out information for first year students (FAQ)
  • Help out international students coming to Amsterdam (Soft Landing)
  • Provide an overview of all the opportunities we offer students looking for ways to: expand their skill set, get interesting jobs, gain valuable experience & get working on their future career (TakeOff).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) provides information about Psychology at the UvA, living and being a student in Amsterdam, the VSPA and studying here in general. We’ve also added some topics that cover more practical matters, which will get you started here right away!

Soft Landing addresses the core topics which (almost) all international students coming to the Netherlands have to deal with (think of setting up a Dutch bank account, finding a room, getting your first bike, health/travel insurances etc.) The difference with the FAQ is primarily that Soft Landing is aimed at helping you out directly, on a more practical level. We’ve done as much work as we can for you and are sure you’ll find at least some of this very helpful!

 TakeOff is the place to be for students looking ahead into the future and for those who want to develop themselves through and during their studies. Check out TakeOff for: the latest vacancies (which are often psychology-related jobs), volunteering opportunities, information on studying/working abroad, talent development programmes, application assistance, scholarships, experiences of previous Psychology-students making their way through the world right now & more!

ChatPals & Buddyproject

Need extra help? Do you have questions and nowhere to ask them? The VSPA got you covered. Together with the UvA, we set up an email account and a buddyproject to get you all the help and answers you need. interested? Click the header for more information!