UvA Talen

UvA Talen is Amsterdam’s leading language training center, owned by the University of Amsterdam. We provide language courses in as many as 12 languages to numerous international students and young international professionals each year. Our Dutch courses come in various formats. All courses provide a vivid and very dynamic learning experience, aimed at well-motivated students with a fast learning curve. Learning a language at UvA Talen is fun!

Currently, all our language courses are provided online. You’ll meet the teacher and your fellow students in a safe online environment that provides a full-featured classroom experience. In stimulating, dynamic and entertaining classes, you’ll be getting that language thing going in the wink of an eye. In addition to learning the language of your choice fast and in a fun way, you’ll have ample room to get to know your fellow students too! This will most certainly help you in quickly building up a network of contacts and friends.

If you want to learn Dutch quickly, you can choose one of our popular intensive day courses so you can raise your language level in one month. Or you can start an evening course four times per year where you have lessons on one or two evenings a week. And it’s no problem if you don’t have time during the week: you can also learn Dutch or English at UvA Talen at weekends.

Dutch language training at UvA Talen starts at less than 300 euros for a course comprising as much as 25 classroom hours. As a VSPA member, you will even get a 25% discount!

Please check www.uvatalen.nl for full details on all our language courses, including schedule and pricing.