Individual Supervisor PGB – Client (elementary school age) with ASD and ADHD

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Individual Supervisor PGB – Client (elementary school age) with ASD and ADHD

Who will you guide?
In this position you will supervise a 9-year old boy (hereafter called client). The client has
been diagnosed with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) and ADHD. He is a very enthusiastic
and lively child. He loves dinosaurs, gaming and more. The client receives help at treatment
groups, where they teach him tools that will help him cope with his ASD. In the job, you will
also try to incorporate these tools into everyday life. Examples are: working on learning to
deal with not winning a game or working on waiting for his turn in a conversation.

What does the job look like?
The position is for 7 hours per week divided over two weekdays. Currently, the workdays are
Tuesdays and Thursdays. The work hours are from 2:15 pm to 5:45 pm. You will be
supervising the client in his home. The work is very similar to babysitting. On Thursdays you
will accompany the client to a sportsclass. The sports lesson is a good time to practice desired
skills/behaviour. The hourly pay is 20 euros. Location: Amsterdam-West.

Who fits this function?
Personality and experience:
The family is looking for a psychology or pedagogical sciences student. It is a plus if you
already have experience with babysitting/supervising and/or have experience with ASD
and/or ADHD. Because of the ASD and ADHD, you and the child will face a bit more
challenges. It is therefore very important that you can communicate clearly to the child and
are consistent in setting limits. In addition, it is important that you are patient and empathetic.
Ideally other people will describe you as someone with a warm personality. It is also very
important that you like to laugh and play (board)games. Note: Only international students
from the EU can apply (the family can’t guarantee a work permit).

Ideally, the family is looking for someone who can fill the position for a longer period of
time. The family would also like to invite you to apply for the job if:
1. You are available for a shorter period of time, e.g. if you’re only available until
September 2022.
2. If you are not necessarily available in the next couple of months but would like to get
an update once the job opens up again. In this case we ask you to mention in your
application that you would like to be kept in the portfolio of people to approach once
the family is looking for someone somewhere in the future.

What information would we like to receive from you?
Send an email to:
The family would like to receive:
1. A short introduction of who you are, what you do and if you have any experience with
2. Per when you are available and until when you are available
– If you will be doing an internship in 2022 please also mention this in the mail
– Please also mention it in the mail if you want to be kept in the portfolio
3. Your contact information