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The FUN-eral of the Century!

Are you ready for the FUN-eral of the century? VSPA, Machiavelli and Mercurius are working together to host a party you don’t want to miss! So join us in your best Halloween outfit on the 2nd of November at the Chicago Social Club to party or to perish! Buy your tickets here, via our partner […]

City Trip, Brugge ’22

Haven’t been on a city trip with friends in a while, or want to meet new people while exploring a new city? This is your chance to join the yearly VSPA city trip, this time with Bruges as our destination! In the weekend, you will be exploring all the nice local breweries, Belgian chocolate and […]

Come Learn Dutch with Joella!

Want to brush up your Dutch skills? Interested in learning how to count and order at your local pub? Want to know what a Borrel really is? This Wednesday, the 21st, from 16:00 til 17:30, Joella will be hosting a free dutch lesson as a Bond with the Board activity. There will be typisch dutch […]

Buy Your First Years Weekend Tickets Now!

FYW is especially for new Psychology students at UvA. We have over 5 committees for the FYW, the party committee, cooking committee, the Saturday and Sunday committee, even more! They will make sure that you have an unforgettable weekend, and get to know many new student friends.   This is THE weekend for all first […]

Yearbook 2021 – 2022

Another year draws to a close, with the summer — and the summer heating being in full swing, worries of final exams and resits are long gone. Vacation mood is in, and travel is at an all time high (just see Schipol).   However, if you’re down to reflect and remise, find our Yearbook for […]