Sport Event: Lasertag

Ready for Lasertag!!

Hello to all sport lovers out there, we have a special event for you… Lasertag YAY!! We look forward to seeing you on the 23rd at ALOHA where we will be waiting to have fun and relieve some stress with a friendly game of lasertag.

There will be two rounds of 10 vs 10 so don’t forget to sign up ASAP

The price of a ticket is only 6.58€!!!

Remember: first come, first serve!!!!

Location: ALOHA

Time: 17:00-18:00

Reminder: identification and a valid QR code are required.



The Beerathon will be an event in which we go on a walking tour through Amsterdam spots, every spot has an activity prepared for example a drinking game or some other fun game. Beer is of course included!

When: 18th of February 2-4

Where: All around Amsterdam!

Ticket Link on our calendar

Borrel: Meme and VSPApp

Did you miss us?
Back by popular demand with an in-person borrel (finally, might we add).
Do memes live in your head rent-free and is the idea of free alcohol one of the few things keeping you going?
Might as well join us at the Heeren van Aemstel on February 17th for our Meme themed borrel!
Embrace the shitposter within and dress up to win a prize!
Need we say more? No, but we will: waiting for you you’ll find welcome shots (first come first serve) and one 1€ beer if you download the new VSPA app! Hungry? There are also pizza deals as Heeren van Aemstel has a collaboration with the Italian restaurant next door.Pizzadeal:
Pizza + 2 beer €17,50
Pizza + Pitcher beer €28,50

Margherita, Funghi, Salame, Prosciutto, Peperoni, Capricciosa, Hawaii, Tonno, Gorgonzola, Mozzarella, Vegetariana, Quattro Stagioni, Quattro Formaggi

See you there!

Location: Thorbeckeplein 5
Starting time: 18:00
Reminder: Physical Identification and a valid QR code are required.

Experience Your Future Day

This Experience Your Future Day, you can attend workshops and lectures from experts in the field. You can learn what it’s like to work in the research and private sectors. You can master important professional skills which will help you build a stellar resume and recognize your strengths and interests. What’s more? you can also gain two colloquium points by joining this event! Come join us and experience your future and gain important insights from the pundits!

Date and Time: 16th Feb, 11:00-16:00

Where: Zoom

Ticket link on our calendar!

Let’s talk about sex

An excursion to Theater de Omval where we will watch a biographical film following the life of the psychologist who pioneered sexology.

When: 15th of February, 19:00


Tickets link on our calendar!

Hot Politics: Affective Responses to Politics and Their Consequences for Persuasion

It is often claimed that politics is deeply emotional, and increasingly so. Politicians seem to make more, and more extreme, emotional appeals than ever before. Citizens are angered about politics, or anxious about political developments. Sometimes they are deeply enthusiastic and hopeful about political candidates or political change. Still there are many questions about the role of emotions in politics. How fundamental are they? When do they emerge? And are there differences between people in the emotions they experience? This talk will discuss the role of both more conscious and more unconscious instantiations of emotions and report results from innovative laboratory in the field experiments conducted throughout the Netherlands and in the United States. The results of these studies will highlight the complex role of emotions in politics and how they help us understand political persuasion and polarization.

When: 9th February 2022; 15.00-17.00

Where: Zoom

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