Summary Sales

Do you feel behind with your readings? ? Are you searching for a solution? Is the exam too soon ⁉️
Get your high quality, summaries for all your exams (1st and 2nd year courses) through our cooperation with

You can find the summaries online through the Athena website (for 11.95€) or buy the summary directly at the VSPA-room Gs.25 discounted (for only 9.99€).



This message is to all the new students and the students returning from holidays. We hope you all enjoyed the summer and are ready to start again!

We are the VSPA board of 2021/2022  and after almost a year and a half of studying from home we are more than happy to welcome you back on campus. We have already organized many fun and interesting events for this year and we can’t wait to share this experience with you!

For any questions regarding the VSPA please send us an email on or DM us on instagram at  Studyassociationvspa.

Above all don’t forget to come and grab a cup of coffee with us in the VSPA room in Building G room s.25.

Lots of hugs,

Beril, Anna, Nanditha, Heleen, Axel and Irmak